<script src="js/jquery-1.11.2.min.js"></script><link rel="stylesheet" href="dist/css/LobiBox.min.css"><script src="dist/js/lobibox.min.js"></script>   
// ConfirmLobibox.confirm({  ... //Options});         // AlertLobibox.alert(  'error|success|warning|info', // Any of the following  {  ... //Options  });  // PromptLobibox.prompt(  '', // Any HTML5 input type is valid  {  //Options  });   // ProgressLobibox.progress({  //Options}); // WindowLobibox.window({  //Options});         
horizontalOffset: 5,  width           : 600, // Height is automatically given calculated by widthheight          : 'auto',   // Show close button or notcloseButton     : true,   // Make messagebox draggable draggable       : false,   // Class for custom buttonscustomBtnClass  : 'lobibox-btn-default',  modal           : true,debug           : false, // Position where buttons should be alignedbuttonsAlign    : 'center',  // Close messagebox on Esc presscloseOnEsc      : true,   //Overriding default optionsLobibox.base.DEFAULTS = $.extend({}, Lobibox.base.DEFAULTS, {  //override any options from default options});                
Lobibox.base.OPTIONS = { // DO NOT change this value. // Some functionality is depended on itbodyClass       : 'lobibox-open', // DO NOT change this object. // Some functionality is depended on itmodalClasses : {    'error'     : 'lobibox-error',    'success'   : 'lobibox-success',    'info'      : 'lobibox-info',    'warning'   : 'lobibox-warning',    'confirm'   : 'lobibox-confirm',    'progress'  : 'lobibox-progress',    'prompt'    : 'lobibox-prompt',    'default'   : 'lobibox-default',    'window'    : 'lobibox-window'}, // This is option how buttons can be shown. // What are buttonsAlign option available valuesbuttonsAlign: ['left', 'center', 'right'], // You can change the title or class of buttons from here or use the same structure object for button when creating messagebox// closeOnClick : true will close the messagebox when clicking this type of button. // Set it to false not to close messagebox when clicking on itbuttons: {  ok: {    'class': 'lobibox-btn lobibox-btn-default',    text: 'OK',    closeOnClick: true  },cancel: {    'class': 'lobibox-btn lobibox-btn-cancel',    text: 'Cancel',    closeOnClick: true  },  yes: {    'class': 'lobibox-btn lobibox-btn-yes',    text: 'Yes',    closeOnClick: true  },  no: {    'class': 'lobibox-btn lobibox-btn-no',    text: 'No',    closeOnClick: true  }}};//Overriding default optionsLobibox.base.OPTIONS = $.extend({}, Lobibox.base.OPTIONS, {... //override any options except those above which is written "DO NOT change"});
Lobibox.notify(  // 'warning', 'info', 'success', 'error'  'warning',  {      ...  });
title: true,          // normal, mini, large       size: 'normal',       // Show animation class. (Uses animate.css)       showClass: 'flipInX',        // Hide animation class (Uses animate.css)hideClass: 'zoomOutDown',    // Icon of notification. // Leave as is for default icon or set custom stringicon: true,                // Message of notification  msg: '',           // Image source string          img: null,                 // Make notifications closable  closable: true,      // Hide notification after this time (in miliseconds)        delay: 5000,                // Show timer indicator delayIndicator: true,        // Close notifications by clicking on themcloseOnClick: true,      // Width of notification box    width: 400,       // Sound of notification. Set this false to disable sound. // Leave as is for default sound or set custom soud path           sound: true,                 // Place to show notification. // Available options: "top left", "top right", "bottom left", "bottom right"   position: "bottom right"         // Overriding default optionsLobibox.notify.DEFAULTS = $.extend({}, Lobibox.notify.DEFAULTS, {    ... //override any options from default options});