jQuery 拖拽吸附效果

jQuery 拖拽吸附效果993
$('#drag .drg').draggable({    cursor: 'move',          // sets the cursor apperance    revert: 'invalid',       // makes the item to return if it isn't placed into droppable    revertDuration: 900,     // duration while the item returns to its place    opacity: 0.35            // opacity while the element is dragged  });  // define options for droppable  $('#drop').droppable({    accept: 'img.drg',            // accept only images with class 'drg'    activeClass: 'drp',           // add class "drp" while an accepted item is dragged    drop: function(event, ui) {      // after the draggable is droped, hides it with a hide() effect      ui.draggable.hide(1000);    }  });  // when the "#sw" element (inside the "#drop") is clicked  // show the items with class "drg", contained in "#drag"  $('#drop #sw').click(function(){    $('#drag .drg').slideDown(1000);  });});