simpleSlider - 简单的jQuery轮播图插件_支持手机端图片拖拽插件

simpleSlider - 简单的jQuery轮播图插件_支持手机端图片拖拽插件1446
Simple jQuery CSS3滑块浏览器兼容性很好,并且简单实用。调用
$(document).ready(function(){    // Default options    var options = {        slides: '.slide', // The name of a slide in the slidesContainer        swipe: true,    // Add possibility to Swipe > note that you have to include touchSwipe for this        slideTracker: true, // Add a UL with list items to track the current slide        slideTrackerID: 'slideposition', // The name of the UL that tracks the slides        slideOnInterval: true, // Slide on interval        interval: 5000, // Interval to slide on if slideOnInterval is enabled        animateDuration: 1500, // Duration of an animation        animationEasing: 'easeInOut', // Accepts: linear ease in out in-out snap easeOutCubic easeInOutCubic easeInCirc easeOutCirc easeInOutCirc easeInExpo easeOutExpo easeInOutExpo easeInQuad easeOutQuad easeInOutQuad easeInQuart easeOutQuart easeInOutQuart easeInQuint easeOutQuint easeInOutQuint easeInSine easeOutSine easeInOutSine easeInBack easeOutBack easeInOutBack        pauseOnHover: false // Pause when user hovers the slide container    };    $(".slider").simpleSlider(options);});